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The Impact of a Nurse

Posted 12 months ago by Ana Turner

The impact nurses have on patient care is powerful without a doubt. But sometimes it is encouraging to hear a testimony of that impact.  MSPAN's Virtual Brown Bag Conference was full of great information. We thank our speakers, Kristina May, Jennifer Kilgore, and Stephanie Parks for adapting to this Virtual Conference Experience so flawlessly. One of our attendees, Samantha, had something to say about the impact this conference had on her:

"This past Saturday, my mom sent me an invitation to join-in on the meeting via zoom. As in the past, I was hesitant. This hesitation was mainly due to the fact that I'm an accountant, and there is a very high possibility that I will pass out at the very thought of blood. As soon as I logged onto the meeting, I was blown away at the amazingly brilliant women and men that were a part of the meeting. 

 My husband was recently hospitalized for a week at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, MS, and the doctors told us that he, at the age of 30, has advanced heart failure. We are home now, and he has started back to work (diesel mechanic) today. He is continuing to improve each day with the implementation of a few lifestyle changes and, his least favorite, a low sodium diet. 

 Here are a few things I remember while thinking back to the days that we spent at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, MS:

I remember the many tears I cried while attempting to understand exactly what my sweet husband was going through. I remember Carol, the nurse at the front door checking temperatures and exchanging masks, realizing that my mom and I were together, but hesitantly letting my mom sit with me at the front of the hospital. I remember Geneva, my favorite of my husband's night nurses, having coffee with me at 3 a.m. to try to ease my mind. 

It was the nurses and all of the hospital workers that gave me comfort. 

COVID-19 has undoubtedly exuded an enormous amount of pain and a feeling of unknown for so many families. I was extremely fortunate that I was able to stay with my husband each night that he was at Baptist, but there have been many families that have had to experience the unimaginable pain of losing someone and not being able to be there with them. 

 As someone on the outside who works in a completely different career field and who doesn't know very much at all about the medical field, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to listen in to the zoom conference call. Knowing that there are nurses and others spending their free-time learning and talking about ways to better care for patients and families gives me a huge sense of comfort. You guys really are superheroes. I believe that many of the general public could benefit from having access to these types of conferences/meetings."

My fellow nurses, never underestimate your reach. Keep caring, and keep learning.


Chris Turner, RN CAPA

MSPAN President


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